Burger Night Menu*
Wednesdays Featuring local breweries; 8oz burger & a beer $12.95, if you're in the biz $10!!

Huy Fong Burger
      Spicy Sriracha mayonnaise . cheddar . iceberg lettuce . chopped house made pickles 

Norm's Home Style Turkey
      Sauteed onion . dijon mayonnaise 

The Classic
      Cheddar . lettuce . tomato . onion

The Colossus
      Onion rings . swiss . chopped pickles

Triple Pickle
      Dill pickle . sweet pickle . pickled onion . herb mayonnaise

Javier's Burger
      Ancho mayonnaise . pico de gallo . sour cream . cilantro crema . cheddar

Jamaican Burger
      Jerk seasoning . pineapple . jack cheese

The Zahtar
      Tzatziki . cabbage slaw . paprika . zahtar spice

The Veg Head
      Veggie burger . herb salad . pickles 

sample burger menu

* Served mid February thru mid May and mid September through mid December.