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International Date Night. A Dinner in the Temple of Angkor

Food from Mark and Clark’s recent visit to Cambodia
A Dinner at the Temple of Angkor 

Optional to start   25.50
Kh’yang Samrat Kroeung”
Princess Rasmi’s spicy oysters  

To Start
Prahet Bangkang”
Shrimp cakes  


“Chai Va”
Spring rolls 

Served with “Tik Kroeung”
Peanut and lime dipping sauce

Second Course

“A Mok”
Fish steamed in banana leaves . coconut curry


“Tik Chror Luok La-Ngor”
Viroth’s pork and beef brochettes . royal sesame sauce

 Entrees served with jasmine rice

Optional Side  12.00
Nhoam Krauch Th’long”
Pomelo salad . roasted peanuts . mint

HM King Norodom Sihanouk’s banana cakes . peanut butter . caramel

Dinner for two with a bottle of wine $49.99