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International Date Night! Dinner on the Isle of Ibiza

The rustic food of Spain!

Dinner on the Isle of Ibiza  

Optional to start

Cóctel de gambas   $19.00
Shrimp cocktail spanish style


Champinones rellenos
Pork stuffed mushrooms

Canape de cabrales y piñones
Blue cheese and pine canapé

Canape de anchoa
Anchovy . chicken . tomato canapé

Pepinillo relleno
Tuna filled pickle

Aceitunas negras aliñadas
Marinated black olives 

Main Course

Fabes con almejas 
Clams . braised white beans . saffron


Tortilla a la gallega
Potato-chorizo and pimento omelete

Optional Salad

Ensalada a la almoraina
Escarole salad . tomato and cumin dressing   $13.00

Dessert Course

Manzanas asadas
Almond and raisin filled baked apples

Dinner for two with a bottle of wine $49.99