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International Date Night! East of Paris. The Elegant Cuisine of Europe

A Dinner East of Paris, the Elegant Cuisine of Europe

Optional To start

Native Maine oyster . mint + apple geleé 1/2 dozen 25.50 

First Course

Quark . ricotta-herb and spice spread
Served with: prosciutto, bread, pickles . crudités 

Optional Salad

“Smoked trout” . bibb lettuce + cucumber . champagne vinaigrette  15.00


Salmon . apple-rosemary . chive horseradish cream . strian wurzelgemüse of vegetables



Traditional boiled beef . spinach puree . apple hourse sauce . vegetables


Nuss Nupeon

Homemade noodles . hazelnuts . brown butter

Dinner for two with beer or wine $49.99